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Don Papa Rum


JR promotions has been running in store activations for the month of June on
the Don Papa Rum.

A premium aged, single-island rum from the Philippines, Don Papa
Rum is created on the foothills of the active volcano Mt. Kanlaon, where
the finest sugar cane is milled to produce sweet, rich molasses.

The name of the rum comes from the real and charismatic leader from
Negros (Papa Isio) , who, in the 1890s, helped drive the Spanish from
the island and win independence for Sugarlandia. The figure Don Papa
is inspired by Papa Isio, though is not the same person. Instead, Don
Papa is the embodiment of the Spirit of Sugarlandia.

There are several variants of the Don Papa Rum however we are only using
the one for tasting promotions.

We would say that about 90 % of these activations are going really well and
the customers are enjoying these tasting.

We have been using different mixers ( ginger beer and ginger ale) instead of
coke , because of this its very intriguing for customers to taste.

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