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Nederburg Double Barrel

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What Is the Difference Between Nederburg Double Barrel and Hennie’s?

When it comes to exploring exquisite flavors, Nederburg Double Barrel and Hennie’s unique dining experience stand apart. Nederburg Double Barrel offers a rich blend of smoothness and complexity achieved through double maturation techniques. On the other hand, Hennie’s ensures a memorable dining affair with its innovative culinary creations and exceptional service. Both are exceptional choices catering to distinct tastes and preferences.

Tasting campaign we are running in small to large restuarants. 

A silky-smooth Bordeaux-style red blend, led by Cabernet Sauvignon. Classically styled, full-bodied and food-friendly, each component of this velvety blend is first aged independently in oak before blending. After blending, a portion of the wine is returned to barrel for a final phase of ageing to add elegant layers of complexity and give the wine a smooth taste and pleasant finish

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