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JR promotions have been running Valdo activations for quite some time now and it’s
defiantly been a huge hit.
Valdo is a prosecco. What is prosecco you might ask?
It is an Italian Sparkling Wine. You can only call prosecco “Prosecco” if it is:

  1. 85% Glera grape
  2. Produced in the Prosecco region in Italy (about 40kms north of Venice)
  3. Produced in the Charmat Method
    Valdo has a huge range to cater to anyone’s specific taste. If you prefer something more
    on the dryer side the Marca Ora is just the thing for you. Do you like more of a fruity taste?
    Well, then Valdo Ice will suit you best. For all the rose lovers the Valdo Paradise is the way
    to go.
    Customers have really been enjoying what the Valdo rage has to offer so if you happen to
    see a Valdo stand at the liquor store or restaurant, be sure to grab your taster.
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